Transformed . Inspiring . Innovative

Since 2016, CozyRawher is a groundbreaking rebel with a cause custom cashmere scarf wholesale company, has been transforming the cashmere scarf from ho-hum plaid, to chic and stylish wearable works-of-art. 


Due to the warmness, softness, skin-breathable, cashmere is one of those things that will never go out of style. Although cashmere is rare, we collect raw material on our own in Inner Mongolia twice a year, weaving the fabric in our own factory, so that's how we control the quality and reduce the cost, our price is surely strongly competitive.


Made with the finest cashmere from Inner Mongolia, featuring one-of-a-kind authentic artisanal designs, CozyRawher’s cashmere printed scarves are created exclusively for independent souls.


Made with extraordinary-quality and crafted from finely spun 100% pure and natural cashmere from Inner Mongolia, and utilizing the highest resolution textile printing processes our gorgeous painted cashmere scarves belong in every stylish wardrobe. 


Luxuriously light, soft and sumptuous, exuding graceful femininity, our printed cashmere scarves are perfect to wear when traveling to exotic lands or worn as a shawl to the opera or an evening out on the town.  CozyRawher’s cashmere scarves are the perfect multi-purpose fashion accessories. 



Our distinctive cashmere scarves start out as an original painting created by talented artists. The painting is then transformed into wearable art; From beautiful botanical prints, to bold geometric patterns, to on-trend contemporary designs, CozyRawher is able to express your arts and styles, to suit the needs of unique taste.


By valuing and investing in people through our equal shares philosophy, from the Herders in Inner Mongolia, to the Textile Manufacturer, to the Printer, and each Artist that we work in partnership with, our intent at CozyRawher is to always work collaboratively with each one of our production partners who are an important element of bringing our scarves to fruition.